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A Professional Member of the Australian Breathwork Association (ABA), a holder of academic degrees and direct experience of unblocking major trauma, I offer unique breathwork psychotherapy services and facilitation coaching based on worldly experience  and 8 years as a radio co-Host with Dr. Steven Hairfield on Metaphysics and Awareness.  My services support client well-being and life transformation in part based on my lived experience.  A holistic mentor, intuitive, and author of 15 books, I guide clients to explore physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual relationships, to make the unconscious conscious and to clarify their purpose.

I reside in the Byron area of New South Wales, Australia. I provide both in-person and online sessions and online course services. My clients come from all over Australia, and overseas. 


Through individual, couple and group services, I guide clients to identify sources of triggers, patterns, and get in touch with what matters.  Contact me about course options  to help  identify issues, intentions and facilitate making effective life shifts.


 My mission is to facilitate positive change in clients seeking better emotional and social functioning.  The key is raising self-awareness, growing into feelings of greater satisfaction and the overall quality of life.


The nature of our interaction arises from the results of quesionnaires and discussion that focus our attention on one or more of the the following:


[Yoga option= Physical/ Astral/Causal] or​​

Physical Body

  •         Life changes and pain management

  •         Nutrition, Fitness, Posture

  •         Relaxation, insomnia & sleeping difficulties

  •         Pain management

  •         Weight loss​

  •         Links with Body Language, Attitude & more

Vital & Emotional Body​

  •         Breath

  •         Life Force

  •         Anger, Hurt, Sadness

  •         Grief and Loss

  •         Trauma

Mental Body

  •         Anxiety, depression, worry

  •         Self-worth & confidence

  •         Fear & negativity

  •         Abuse

  •         Eating disorders​

  •         Clarity about life decisions​​

  •         Goal setting & self-development

  •         Decisions & negotiation

  •         Gender and sexual identity (LGBTQ+)

  •         Obsessions


Supramental Body

  •         Trust, Surrender, Intuition

  •         Parallel Timelines (streams of consciousness)

  •         Soulwork (high disciminative capacities)

  •         Spiritual growth & Expansion

  •         Vibration


Bliss Body

  •         Sound, Light, Vibration

  •         Pure Awareness​​​

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