Dr. Liara Covert Portrait

Dr. Liara Covert

Liara is a quantum coach, healer & certified breathworker (ABA). During global shifts, she has created 750+ paintings which guide expansions in consciousness. She guides you to reframe events and situations in terms of light body activation and the quantum evolution of human nature. Her work guides you to identify and heal energy blocks (thought/beliefs), to support and facilitate your own quantum energy shifts. The absolute unwavering of this vibration of love changes everything.  She offers private & group sessions, accepts painting comissions and acts as event speaker.

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About Me

I draw from diverse transitions in many countries, disciplines and arenas. My biggest shifts in perception and growth result from letting go of what I thought was important and surrendering to inner well-being.​

My Mission:


Through varied projects, methods, and endeavours, my vision is to guide, teach and inspire others to the peak of their potential, so that they feel energized, interconnected and in harmony within themselves and multidimensional worlds.

Why work with me? 

​What if you could rediscover the feeling of fearlessness and limitless potential? What if you could strengthen relationships, let go of what no longer serves you and facilitate natural healing?  I guide you to make the unconscious, conscious, so you feel greater balance, acceptance, wellness and vitality. The more you come to live in integrity, the more you take personal responsibility for every thought, feeling and action and know this shapes your life moment-by-moment.  The more conscious you grow, the easier it is to see every experience points to deeper Truths, about who you really are and what it is to function optimally. Unleash your hidden gifts and trigger your own breakthroughs.



  • Breathwork

  • Quantum Coaching 

  • ​Light Code Activations

This period of global change brings in new energies. Breathwork helps to ground them. We have access to technologies in the form of  Lightcode Activations to help allow us access more of our potential. Holistic coaching helps identify life areas of interest. Lightcode Activations activate, empower, develop and awaken energies and gifts that lie deep and dormant in your DNA. Ascension is not about leaving this place, it’s about stepping into your power as a sovereign being, as a co-creator of your life, taking full responsibility for every areas of your life. Lightcode Activation is a form of coded communication that carries with it a higher vibrational information and energy than conventional speech or writing. It enters directly into the subconscious and speaks to the energy body, spirit and soul of each individual. Such codes take shape in symbols, geometry,  energy totems, mandalas and more.  Lightcode activations are personalized paintings or cosmic transmissions that are created just for you.

Schedule an appointment

Appointments often done via technology. You can connect via your computer, digital device or phone. For remote healing you may choose to not be online — I do the healing work and send you a detailed email. Contact us via this site FB or blog.dreambuilders.com.au 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.