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Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming & Dream Yoga

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One of our biggest "tasks" here in this dimension is literally learning how to manifest and direct energy to create desired outcomes.  This is a natural ability we possess for a reason! Not only can we manifest, we exist to recall and activate dormant abilities to achieve this. Mastering manifestation is one path to sustain higher vibration, access higher dimensions and realms after death instead of repeating wheel of life cycles. Dreamwork offers tools you can use to sharpen intuition and consciously decide this is your last Earth incarnation. What would you do if it dawns you find this to catapult self into a very different kind of existence?

The Course

We read about mystical experiences of others and yearn to to join.  We may yearn to survive physical death, fly to distant worlds, know what its like to be outside the physical body in the astral or other bodies, explore other planets, get answers to key questions like why are we here? what happens when we die? Is it possible to visit Source? Get answers from our Akashic Record? Do we each have a special mission to fulfill in this life? Dreams are a tool used to get answers, clarity, direction. Psychic development helps us answer physical plane questions. Astral projection helps us answer higher plane questions, such as who we are and why we exist.  Stages exist to open into multidimensionality, reclaim power in your life.  This course invites you to create regular dream logs.

Many people have wondered what it's like to leave the physical body and directly experience higher states of consciousness. We all leave our bodies when sleeping. Astral awareness is merely the art of easing into conscious co-creator—of waking up within and directing your astral body and far more witness events on parallel timelines, dialogue with guides and otherworldly beings, is sometimes like developing the inner equivalent of an extreme sport.  Its not for the faint-hearted, stretches us beyond belief.

Hi! I'm Liara. I invite you to take this journey of self-discovery with me.  During childhood,  I spontaneously began astral travel. To explore dream realms continues to blow my mind. With discipline, psychic development and dream states can be developed consciously. This is. a precusor to shifting into and functioning consciously as a multidimensional human. The object of dreamwork (depth psychotherapy) is to shine a light on the unknown and bring the unconscious parts of psyche into consciousness. This helps to restore balance and increase le
vels of happiness in all aspects of life.

Tibetan Dream Yoga is a spiritual practice that aims to explore the nature of reality, consciousness and the self, through lucid dreaming and dream exploration.  Discover for yourself the huge difference between reading about out-of-body experiences (OBEs), watching videos, and lifting out of your body, traveling through realms, planes, dimension. What if you could deepen your sense of multidimensional reality? Realize for yourself what science doesn’t know. This is your life and you have a choice to let go of the familiar and live in whole a different way. Learn from masters like Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Kurt Leland, Stephen Laberge, Andrew Holecek and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

To progress, requires we:

  • are willing to expand consciousness

  • yearn to develop our ability to consciously explore non-physical realities

  • accept astral travel/projection are natural occurrences that need not be feared

  • embark on a journey to activate and master the inner senses

  • are open to practical experience of lucid dreaming, soiul retireval & unique healing modalities

  • recognize milestones in the journey of reaching higher planes & embodying multidimensional being

  • consider deeply perspectives of non-physical reality offered by those who explore it

Ready to drive your evolutionary process? Contact me for details about this new course!

Next Group Intake Begins September 2024

Individual 1 on1 journey also an option

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