Yoga at Home


  • Initial Breathwork session (2 hrs) - $265 (in-person) including session summary

  • Follow-up Breathwork session (2hrs) - $220  (remote or in-person)

  • Couple's Breathwork (3 hrs) - $350 (in-person)

  • Group Workshops 

  • Corporate 


*Limited concession and student discounts available. If you feel strongly called to breathwork, and have finanical issues, connect with us to discuss options.

Private Sessions

We offer private, "in-person" breathwork sessions and remote sessions for those who have had an initial "in-person" session.

In addition, we offer breath coaching as part of a stress-reduction/ wellness program that includes mindfulness & mediation.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation
Meditation Group
Meditation Group

Group Breathwork

Group breathwork is a powerful, energetic process. Personal experiences vary. Expanding awareness can lead to emotions surfacing, physical sensations and greater clarity arising. 

Dynamic breathes offer community connection, group support, and opportunity to work on energy to reframe and  strengthen relationships. Group work enhances private sessions.

Contact us to discuss small group sessions, corporate events or full day group workshops.