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Do you see the present through the lens of the past?

Does happiness escape you? Breathwork can help you take control, reframe and reorient the course of your life. As a trauma-informed facilitator, it dawns many of us carry around our past, all the times we have been hurt, or we have not been able to express our emotions in the moment.  In essence, we carry unresolved energy.  It plays out in patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  The greater the feeling of safety, the freer we feel to take risks, follow dreams, the deeper the feelings of connection and community with others, the more we appreciate self,  and feel we are contributing to the greater good, the greater the success of the organisation, the relationship, the family, the team, the individual.  Everything is interconnected.

Through breathwork-oriented psychotherapy, you wipe that lens clean, redefine the relationship with your past, yourself and others.  You get to create new reference points, to move through victimhood, obstacles, reclaim inner power.  Take the darkness lightly, see how it sheds light in what hold you back, prevents you from living the best version of you.  We have so much judgement around the human experience, often fear the unknown or what we do not understand. Discover how this is all a teacher and pointer to wisdom you hold within.

Many people do not feel they have an adequate support system, do not know how to work on themselves, or manage deeper issues.  Access to awakened breathwork changes things.  It invites you to step back, see every experience has a sacred purpose.  Somatic healing is a holotropic process that assists you to uncover energetic blockages or resistance that are present, holding you back from living the best version of you.  Benefit from individual, couples and group breathwork. We also offer breathwork session packages tailored to your needs.

Shamanic breathwork can assist people in connecting with their inner selves, releasing emotional barriers, and accessing higher realms of consciousness. It's been shown to encourage physical recovery, creativity enhancement, interpersonal improvement, and personal growth and transformation.  Many people re unaware of the blockages they have or how to release them. Shamanic and transformational breathing are useful tools.

We recommend that anyone with health issues who is interested in holotropic breathwork consult a medical professional first to see how it may interact with any preexisting conditions, such as the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease

  • Heart attacks, high blood pressure, and angina

  • Glaucoma or retinal detachment

  • Panic attacks or psychosis

  • Seizures

  • Severe mental illness

  • Aneurysms

  • Those who are pregnant or are breastfeeding


We also invite you to contact us to discuss your particular situation.​

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