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Multidimensional Human Course
Take a Quantum Leap in Consciousness
Access  Your Unique Gifts

The Multi-dimensional Experience:

*Body Cleasing (Purification & Diet)

*Yoga Poses (Asanas)

Breathwork (Pranayama & Prana control)

*Hand Gestures (Mudras)

*Meditation Practices

* Ancient Yogic Practices

*Planes of Consciousness

and more!

Sample Topics:

  • Tesla Technology - Energy, Frequency, Vibes

  • Kriya Yoga

  • Feng Shui & Energetic Spaces 

  • The Eightfold Path

  • Sacred Geometry 

  • Cosmic Memory 

  • One-pointed Concentration vs Awareness

  • Astral Projection 

  • Death, Near-Death Experience (NDE) 

  • +more

This course is about consciously activating your sovereign multi-dimensional nature.  Through this new body of work I am receiving, I gain insight into my own multi-dimensionality and how to teach these advanced concepts.  As a Consciousness Catalyst, I invite radical expansion of consciousness in those who are open to the evolutionary process. A dance of co-ignition, is an unexpected path to grow aware of your unique gifts. 

As a Consciousness Catalyst I see who you truly are beyond the masks, conditioning, programming, fear and trauma.  Through deep recognition of your inherent majesty, you grow into fullness in self-recognition of your divine and limitless nature. My approach gently guides you toward your unique self-actualisation, which I humbly recognize is your own Path. 

Through this course, you will journey to reframe everything as energy, engage in your own energy work, tapping into vibrations, connecting to your soul and source within. The program reveals how energy can be used to strengthen organs and chi, to clear negative emotions, to rewire the brain, to ground inner power, to reactivate dormant abilities, revitalize energy fields and restore original grids.  Develop direct experience.  Identify what requires attention.  Reach your soul's highest potential.

This course is tailored to allow you to clear and stabilize your energy bodies while teaching you self-discipline through regular practices. You are guided to do your own inner-work between sessions.

*Feel more than curious?

*Ready to embody the Higher Self?

*Willing to tune into what is?

3 Month duration (12 weeks)

Group Intake March 2023.

Longer duration also possible

Individual Option (1-on-1)

*Payment plans available

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