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12 Week Breath & Lifestyle Journey 
Take a Quantum Leap in Consciousness

Regardless of life stage, when in the process of huge changes, the moment arises where you know its time to detach from the past, from beliefs, and identities that no longer serve you.
The Breathwork & Life Journey is a destructive process. Its about remembering and re-engaging in life from a place of worthiness, and universal principles. It means cultivating the Courage, Compassion, Connection, Vulnerability to feel truly alive.

This Course includes​:

  • Private call to clarify your current situation

  • 12 x 60 min 1:1 sessions ( talk & mind-body techniques)

  • Cutting edge mind-body alignment tools & techniques from evidence-based SCIENCE: (i.e. Mindful Meditation, Behavioural Decision Processing (BDP), Inner Child  & Family Constellation Work, range of Breathwork) 

  • Spiritual support 

  • Shamanic Medicine Song meditations (option)

  • Accountability check-ins

Addresses 5 Bodies:

  • Physical- nutrition, fitness, stress/ relaxation 

  • Breath- life force, role of circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems

  • Mental- perception, ego, emotions (self-regulation), behaviour

  • Knowing- inner wisdom (how to tap in)

  • Bliss- role of consciousness, the universal

SIGNS this program is for YOU…

  • At a Crossroads- You feel drawn to shamanic guidance    

  • Curiosity- You are curious about possibly working with plant medicine and doing deep soul work 

  • Dreaming- Your night dreams guide you to follow intuition here

  • Lingering blocks-You feel stuck, or out-of-sync with life, other approaches have not resolved your “issues”

  • Craving for breakthroughs

  • Soul calling to “energetic” service-  You envision being a facilitator, conscious mentor, or coach

  • Desire to heal trauma- you are ready to go deep, release stress, addictions, core wounds, & relationship issues to find new purpose, wish to use your own lived experience to assist others

  • Drawn to learn ancient techniques to gain more control over mind, emotions, body & feel peace


OPTION 1: (Save $500) After you pay your deposit to reserve your spot you will then pay a single payment of $1500 ($2000 total).

OPTION 2: After you pay your deposit to reserve your spot of $500, the payment plan of $665/month x3 months ($2500 altogether). 

Both options require a $500 deposit (initial payment)

 In those who are open to the inward journey, radical shifts occur. This opportunity arises as a path to grow aware of deeper truths and how to put them into practice. For many, situations have led to mind-blowing experiences.  Connecting to intuition may lead to glimpses of the unexplained.  Many find working with a guide enhances or deepens emerging experiences and offers a valuable soundboard. 

As a Consciousness Catalyst I see who you truly are beyond the masks, conditioning, programming, fear and trauma.  Through deep recognition of your inherent majesty, you grow into fullness in self-recognition of your divine and limitless nature. My approach gently guides you toward your unique self-actualisation, which I humbly recognize is your own Path. 

Through this course, you will engage in your own energy work, tune into vibrations, grow aware of your soul and Source within. The program reveals how energy can be used to strengthen organs and chi, to clear negative emotions, to rewire the brain, to ground inner power, to reactivate dormant abilities, revitalize energy fields and restore original grids.  Develop direct experience.  Identify what requires attention.  Reach your soul's highest potential.

This course is tailored to allow you to clear and stabilize your energy bodies while teaching you self-discipline through regular practices. You are guided to do your own inner-work.​​​​

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