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My approach to breathwork is a safe, supportive and confidential way for clients to explore disconnection and reconnection of body-mind and how this takes shape in experience. Explore emotional development, character/ defence structures, the anatomy of emotions, stages of emotional healing, inner child work, and the Truth process.  See unconscious reasons why things escalate.  Breathwork can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, reframe mid-life crisis, relationship issues and facilitate natural healing.  Contact us about breathwork here.


My coaching programs tailor exercises and activities to guide you to get in touch with your core, so you raise self- awareness, and unravel patterns you outgrow.  Discover mindful practices can retrain the mind and deepen self-connection.  Let go of blocks to gifts. Develop life skills to help you to flourish. Contact us about coaching.

Spiritual Psychotherapy

Keys to success can be viewed or felt energetically through hara lines and energy anatomy. Dream therapy and shadowork are therapeutic tools used to explore inner darkness or "Shadow Self." Exploring spiritual psychotherapy empowers you to uncover parts of you that has been disowned, repressed, and rejected.  Liara works from an energetic; mind, body, spirit (holistic) approach so you uncover, identify and release issue(s). Contact us.


I facilitate group workshops and talks on varied topics. Also engage in consulting or contract roles for organisations. Explore, connect and grow in your own group experience.  

Contact us to express interest or to discuss your group needs.