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Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness

We offer mindfulness, breathwork and yoga classes that are tailored to your team or organisation for morning, lunch or any other time of day or as part of a corporate event.  We also contribute to and run reteats.  These services are offered in-person and remotely.


Free Yoga
Yoga Group
Yoga Group

Group Breathwork

Group breathwork is a powerful, energetic process. Personal experiences vary. Expanding awareness can lead to emotions surfacing, physical sensations and greater clarity arising. 

Dynamic breathes offer community connection, group support, and opportunity to work on energy to reframe and  strengthen relationships. Group work enhances private sessions.

Private group breathwork sessions bring people together for individual and collective connection and transformation.  Each session will include an introduction and practice overview, a period devoted to breathwork, and then open space for integration, which can include creative expression and where anyone can share personal experience and insights with the group.

Contact us to discuss small group sessions, corporate events or full day group workshops.

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