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Coaching &
Wellness Programs

We empower clients to raise awareness, make self-directed shifts to serve your highest good.

Basic Holistic Wellness Programs

address 4 aspects-

  • Physical- fitness/ flexibility (i.e. yoga) 

  • Emotional- i.e. mindfulness

Emotional Competence includes: self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation, empathy, adaptability.

  • Mental-  i.e. meditation, resiliency education

  • Spiritual-  i.e. intuition & soul perspective

More detailed self-assessments are designed to help individuals or employees create baselines and positive change. Together we’ll explore what stands out, uncover limiting beliefs, reframe challenges as opportunity for selfgrowth and stronger relationships.


Ask about our free 30 min consult to determine how we can best support you or your organization.



  • Individual Sessions

  • Multi-session Packages 

  • Monthly Subscription Pkgs 

  • Corporate Arrangements​

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