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5 Secrets to Finding Happiness

The search for happiness is a common reason to engage a Life Coach. If you are feeling confused about what happiness feels like in your life, feel which emotions you may be feeling and see if you are confused or just stuck or frozen between two or more feelings that block joy.

Breathe deeply. Feel what is authentic for you about a situation at hand. Maybe confusion arises from getting too much information from others? Do you feel told what to do? how to behave? You may “allow” yourself to be influenced. It creates a sense of separation between your mind and body, or you think and feel. Then, you may allow mind to imagine reality based on subconscious fears. This a voice that echoes subtle messages you internalized eons ago. Everyone receives subconscious programs. Some are spoken, while others are implied.

For example, you might have been told, “Happiness is linked to eating specific comfort foods" or, "You are unhappy when you get hurt,” when you were crying over a scraped elbow, or, “You cannot be happy and hot,” when you remove your sweater on a warm day. Such subtle messages come from parents, teachers, and other mentors, any authority you do not question before a certain developmental stage. Outer authority soon overrides inner authority and you become conditioned to doubt what your body knows and experience what still arises as “confusion.” It is another way of discovering you are conditioned to doubt yourself.

Take a deep breath and feel the energy flow. Close your eyes and track the path of the air. Feel it as viscerally as you can. Notice how this helps clear up confusion as it arises in your life.

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