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Light Language  Healing

Ready to Deepen Relationships & Energetic Connection?

To be open to Light Language deepens all relationships, guides us into deeper emotional expression and tapping into unseen energetic connection. What if you are ready to unlock the expression and power of your Divine Truth? What if you could create powerful transformational experiences in every exchange?

What Is Light Language?

Light Langugage is the cosmic language of the Soul. Even when the conscious mind is unaware, the subconscious and soul are 'in the know.' Light Language holds our unique frequency or essence, unfolds through us based on the state of our systems. Its multi-dimensional nature deeply activates our DNA. Light is energy.  Light language is a channel through which we bring that subtle information from the etheric into the physical reality. It's also a unique form of connection with our spirit and Source which cannot be understood by the human mind. These multi-dimensional holographic codes are only heard by subtle dimensions of being. Much like natural soundscapes, we tune into them deep within the cells.

Forms of Light Language

Three main forms of light language exist — spoken, signed, and written/ drawn. In communication, each form utilizes a different combination of hand gestures, body language, and facial expressions. 

Unlike any other human language, it is not consciously grasped as it’s not communicated through words. As we hear it, it touches our heart.  We feel its healing energy as light code transmissions. Downloading such transmission arises in four main ways — light language words, visuals, sounds, feelings, and thoughts. These are encoded messages one can receive and transmit in a deep meditative state. 

Speaking the light language is called channeling. In other words, one uses the voice or allows symbols to flow through fingers or toes onto paper to create frequencies matching the channeled vibration.  That energy can be transmitted to another person.  I channel light language symbols and meanings.  Although the mind does not consciously explain, Higher consciousness recognizes them as the Creator’s vibrations.


Benefits of Light Language 

Light language often used it to connect and communicate with spirit guides. We all have guides. Light language is like a bridge between worlds that allows energetic and telepathic exchanges understood beyond the mind.  Much is communicated in a compressed vibrational form.


As Light Language flows through, its energy bypasses mental and other barriers. Light Language can be very healing, revitalizing and opening for energetic channels. It can be downloaded like a packet of cosmic information, expressed in sound, paintings or other creative forms. It is a living, breathing entity, infused with source energy frequency.

Each of us gets what we need from Light Language. We are drawn to it as part of our awakening path. It has many known, unknown, unforeseen benefits.  It can clear our energy field.  It can help cleanse entities or impurities so more of our Source Self can flow through.  Sometimes light language is used to stabilize beams of light through our body to ground you.  As Light Language flows through, it is always evolving and changing, revealing new things and empowering me to reveal these to serve others.

Where does it come from?

Light language is coming from and through you. More specifically, it comes from our higher aspects, incarnated in other dimensions and subtle realms. Depending on our heritage, it can be Pleiadian, Sirian, or Arcturian — a collective of multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades, Sirius, or Arcturus or other star systems. It can also come from mysterious lost civilizations such as Lemuria and Atlantis

How do you know if this process is for you?

We all have potential to rediscover light language within ourselves. This process is for you if:

  • You are ready to explore something that may be blocking you from realizing  a project or dream

  • You are open to allowing me to tune deeper into your energy field

  • You prefer to interact in real time with me (on Office 365 or another platform)

  • You are drawn to this kind of support to follow up on a course or workshop experience

We create a sacred geometry sketch/ painting as part of your process.

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