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Is chronic illness interfering with emotional or physical well-being? Do you have short-term issues or deeper trauma that need help navigating? Perhaps its relationship issues, chronic stress, overwhelm due to work, life change, family matters or grief related to death of a loved one.  Do you often experience distressing emotions, thoughts or actions? We can provide coaching /guidance and diverse techniques that help you decode such symptoms. We also act as an outlet for those who seek an empathic listener.   Join our next intake of our FREE 6wk 30 Shamanic Questions group online Journeys  ( Feb 19-March 25). Contact us.

Ayahuasca Integration

More people are hearing about the benefits of psychedelics for a growing list of illness and disorders. You may have experienced  plant medicine already and feel like there is work to be done.  You may wonder how to make sense of things or integrate this. If you contemplate this or engaging in a plant medicine journey, it is wise to consult those with experience.  How do you know if you are a good fit?  What kind of healing are you seeking?  What if someone could help you find clarity? Do you know how to prepare for the ceremony? Are you ready to commit to post ceremony integration to understand the insight gained? What if someone could help you build a framework for incorporating all the lessons and new understanding to your life? Contact us.


Do you have high stress (cortisol)? Would you like to improve sleep, explore possible sources of discomfort? Regulate breathing? What if you could consciously induce physiological changes that include: lowering blood pressure and heart rate, manage chronic pain, reduce stress,  anxiety, depression and lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue, even reframe midlife crisis to systematic unravelling of what no longer serves you? We offer a range of breathwork from shamanic to holotropic and rebirthing. Contact us.

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