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Feeling anxious? Restless? Insomnia? Thoughts & emotions out of control? Feel work-rich and time-poor?  Resist "letting go?"

Ready for Change?

Feel as if your life is like a shoe you've outgrown? Ready to shift gears and focus but unsure what's next? 

Struggling with Transitions?

Do physical, emotional, mental challenges get in the way of your joy? Does leaving a job evoke anxiety? Are your relationships difficult or unsatisfying?  Struggle to let go of traume and take leaps of faith?

Confused about
New Realities?

Is your perception shifting?  Are you noticing changes in body? Energy? Intuition? Deja-vu? Are you drawn to new people, activities and possibilities? Do you wonder about belonging, awakening, connecting deeper to self, others, nature, universes? 

15 Signs of a Shift in Consciousness

1. You reach success/goals & feel bored

2. You must getaway from oversimulation

3. Being alone appeals more than ever

4. You feel incompatible with friends, family, like you exist in a parallel universe

5. You sense more to reality but your current thinking blocks deeper clarity

6. You sense you hold unresolved traume

7. You have abundance issues and know this does not reflect your true value

8. Life is falling apart in a midlife crisis 

9 . You know changing sleep patterns

10. You feel drawn to new things

11. Intuition is guiding more decisions

12. You notice more synchronicities

13. Older memories are resurfacing

14.  You want to change your whole life

15. You recognize you have potential to consciously create more of your Reality and but don’t yet know how 

This is why you visit this website.

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