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Shift---- Transform--- Heal

Welcome an gratitude for visiting soul exploration and wellbeing.

Inviting you to explore and discover more with an open heart.

Ask yourself if any of these questions apply:

  • What are my triggers? or patterns in need of change?

  • What am I ready to shift or heal in my life?

  • What physical, emotional or other issues are holding me back?

  • What is my life purpose, my ultimate vision of fulfillment?

  • How can exploring my dreams empower me?

  • How can I learn and benefit from meditation and yoga?

  • How can sound healing assist me to relax and better health?


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From early in life, I felt the great interconnection with spirit, and especially during childhood via Sun and Earth energies.  I tuned into a sense the oneness. What we now call  ‘Meditation’, these energies opened my path into spirit communication.  A series of events caused me to close off from this insight.  My healing journey and soul re-alignment allow me to reconnect and deepen wisdom gained through experiencing adversity.

I pursued my passions and professionally trained in varied techniques as a therapist, guiding people to heal emotional, physical and spiritual issues. In doing so, people can reclaim their innate divine power. Better equipped to make the best decisions for soul growth, empowered with a new sense of purpose. 

You will be guided to access your heart and soul and heal on Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Mental issues. Learn how to expand your consciousness by tapping into your full potential. Listen. Trust your inner knowing ( intuition) and  synchronicity. It is the Laws of attraction – communicating with your soul’s guidance. As I have long walked this healing path, and come from a line of four generations family healthcare providers, I feel very humbled to my guides and mentors, and to those who have had the courage to change, to heal their hearts and transform their lives into Truth, Self-Empowerment, Freedom.


My offiicial credentials include: Breathwork Psychotherapist, Energy & Sound Healer, Holistic Coach, Meditation Teacher, Dream Guide, Yogi, Wellness Event  & Retreat Facilitator.  More About Liara

Group Experiences

Do you have difficulty relaxing? Are you aware scientific evidence reveals breathwork, yoga, mindfulness and sound journeys can help with emotional regulation, reduce blood pressure, regulate heart rate, breathing rhythm, adjust biochemistry and bring you back to homeostasis ? Would you benefit from an expansive group experience that offers powerful attunement? What if you could tune into a variety of instruments, explore a spectrum of vibration, frequency and energy, relax more deeply? What if you could start on a physical level, affect the molecular body structure, revitalize the emotional, mental and energetic aspects of self?


Contact us about Breathwork , Sound of Being (TM) 30 Shamanic Questions.  All can be tailored to suit your community or corporate needs.


Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychotherapy


Is chronic illness interfering with emotional or physical well-being? Do you have short-term issues or deeper trauma that need help navigating? Perhaps its relationship issues, chronic stress, overwhelm due to work, life change, family matters or grief related to death of a loved one.  We offer a range of services including psychotherapy, energetic and intuitive services along with diverse techniques that help you decode visions and recalibrate. We also act as an empathic listener.   

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