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Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychotherapy


Is chronic illness interfering with emotional or physical well-being? Do you have short-term issues or deeper trauma that need help navigating? Perhaps its relationship issues, chronic stress, overwhelm due to work, life change, family matters or grief related to death of a loved one.  We offer a range of services including psychotherapy, energetic and intuitive services along with diverse techniques that help you decode visions and recalibrate. We also act as an empathic listener.   


Do you have difficulty relaxing? Are you aware scientific evidence reveals breathwork, yoga, mindfulness and sound journeys can help with emotional regulation, reduce blood pressure, regulate heart rate, breathing rhythm, adjust biochemistry and bring you back to homeostasis ? Would you benefit from an expansive group experience that offers powerful attunement? What if you could tune into a variety of instruments, reap the rewards of vibration, frequency and energy work, relax on a deeper level? What if you could start on a physical level, affect the molecular body structure, revitalize the emotional, mental and energetic aspects of self? Contact us about our Breathwork , Sound of Being (TM) & other Group Journeys.  These can be tailored to private, community and corporate events.

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