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When you commit to self-inquiry and conscious shifts, ways exist for us  to work together.  Reframe, Revitalize, Redesign Life with Power of Intention.

Yoga teaching

Wellness Programs

We tailor personalized and workplace programs to guide you into get in touch with what matters, be in harmony with yourself, in your workplace and life.


Team-building happens when peers get together, connect and overcome challenges in different spaces . Optional sharing can create a circle of trust and new confidence.  Create monthly meetups online or in-person.

Yoga Group
Couple Yoga


We offer Individual and Couples' sessions which last 2- 2.5 hours. This combines energy work and NLP-like processes. Receive an emailed session summary .


Take advantage of opportunities for collaborative innovation. Book one of our plans directly or contact us for a free 30min chat to discuss your situation.

Work from home
Online Class


We offer regular intakes for Coming Full Circle and Soul Yoga Courses. Both combine  coaching with online material and optional online meetups.  Learn and unlearn at your pace.

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