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When you commit to conscious self-inquiry, ways exist for us to work together.  Reframe, Revitalize, Redesign Life with Power of Intention

Benefits to working with us

When our behaviour reflects our values, we act consciously, live authentically, realize our true potential. 

Imagine you could strip away all the things that hold you back; self-doubt dissolving, replaced with confidence, self-assurance.  Imagine what gets in the way of your versions of success.  See these problems dissolving. Who are you when all barriers and fears dissolve? Get to the core of who you are, allow complete self-expression.  Discover what drives you and strengthens effective teamwork. Uncover what truly matters. Reclaim true power

Rock Maze

Wellness Coaching

We tailor a process that assists you to discover which energetic blockages or resistance are present, holding you back from living the best version of you.  Benefit from our courses , dreamwork,  practical activities to align life and soul purpose.

Corporate  Training

Team-building happens as peers get together, connect and overcome challenges in different spaces . Interactive exercises are tailored to groups. Optional sharing creates a circle of trust, builds understanding  

Group Lecture
Yoga Group


We offer Individual and group sessions which last 2- 2.5 hours or half day events. This builds courage, confidence, trust and  incorporates other  processes. 

Yoga & Mindfulness

Take advantage of opportunities to go deeper into yourself. We offer private yoga & mindfulness sessions or incorporate them into a conscious wellness program.

Online Class


We offer regular intakes for Coming Full Circle and Soul Yoga Courses. Both combine  coaching with online material and optional online meetups.  Learn and unlearn at your pace.

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