Moving On, Moving Forward

Coaching Programs

Life Coaching with Liara Covert is a unique journey that empowers you to view yourself from different perspectives.This course is a guided program. To what degree do you master the dynamics of your business, personal relationships and life transitions? Our programs guide you to identify solutions and step into the next level of personal power (i.e., reduce stress, anxiety, depression).  Contact us for details. 


Bridge Over River

15 min Intro Coaching Session

Our 15 minute introductory session helps you identify the biggest issue(s) you face, and what kind of program would best help you move forward.  You will have a better understanding of where you stand and what you can do. You will leave knowing the rest is up to you.   This session can be a stepping stone to a longer program.


4, 8, 12 & 24 Session Coaching Packages

Be guided to identify and work through core issues so you can consciously see where you are, redesign a new reality.

We specialize in empowering clients to make the unconscious, conscious.  This leads to; building confidence, getting clarity, being  more accountable, setting boundaries, strengthening relationships, and optimizing decision-making.


Coaching program benefits:

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Scheduling priority over single sessions

  • Significant savings over single sessions rates

  • Reduced single session rate post program              

  • Referral bonus