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Sound  Healing

Ready to Deepen Relationships & Energetic Connection?

To be open to Sound Healing allows participants to deepen relationships, be open to deeper emotional expression, release and can help bring power back to sense of balance and wholeness. What if you are ready to access the power of your Divine Truth? What if individuals and groups benefit from transformational experiences in every exchange?

Sound Healing

Liara is completing her Crystal Sound Healing Training Level I with Sound Healing Australia in March 2024. She is excited to incorporate this tool, Binaural Beats, Solfeggio frequencies and other elements into sound healing and group meditation practices.  This can compliment breathwork workshops and retreats.  This healing approach is recognized to positively impact both brain hemispheres, lower cortisol, depression, other health issues.  Hormones affected during sound healing meditation include;


  • GABA- major neurotransmitter in central nervous system (CNS), helps reduce anxiety, sleeplessness

  • Melatonin Sleep Hormone- strengthens immunity, slows aging, prevent effects of 100+ diseases

  • Increases Seretonin production-mood stabilizer

  • Stimulate growth hormone

  • Stimulate endorphines to strengthen immune system

  • Slows down brain waves

Book an available sound healing sessions from Mid March 2024

How do you know if Sound Healing is for you?

We all have potential to rediscover balance within ourselves. 

  • You are ready to explore something that may be blocking you 

  • You are open to allowing me to tune deeper into your energy field, to allow recalibration to happen

  • You prefer to interact in real time with me (on Office 365 or another platform)

  • You are drawn to this kind of support to follow up on a course, breathwork workshop or as part of trauma release

  • You would like to add this to an existing service (psychotherapy, breathwork, course, ect.)

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