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Who is Liara Covert?

Can the question really be answered? (for/by anyone?) The Buddhist doctrine of Two Truths states that we must distinguish relative truth from Absolute Truth.

In the Absolute sense, Liara is not a person at all. The term "Liara" means; “light for me”, “light unto me”, “my light” or “I have light” (from Hebrew “li” = my + “or” = light). "Covert" means "hidden", "ops" or "invisible." True energies arise in contemplative Silence. The essence of spititual teaching is that the relative and Absolute entwine.  Ancient mystics say light doesn't travel, but unfolds out of itself.



Empowerment Guide and Consultant 

Liara's insight into existence is inspired by experiences in 70 countries on 6 continents and beyond. She supports you to become the predominant conscious creative force in your life. Uncover deeper Truths.   



Her mission is to guide others to expand consciousness and unleash optimum potential.  This entails demonstrating  that being present naturally aligns one with Highest Self.  She guides recognizing identity as source of suffering.  Her primary focus is to facilitate self-exploration and growth by offering practical insights. She exists to raise awareness in the individual and as the result, contribute to global shifts.


Her background includes a P.h.D. in Diplomacy, M.A. in International Relations, B.A. in Communications, advanced psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and training in modalities to sharpen and engage Intuition.


An unsolved, personal mystery and baffling survey guided her on the Path to deeper awakening: 2 years Breathwork Psychotherapy training, family constellation work, self-analysis, and Soulwork.  This journey gave her insight into streams of consciousness, the nature of energy and dimensions.  Her unique insight stems from synesthesia (merging of the senses), tuning into frequency and energy fields.  Through creative expression, she guides you to the expand mind, deepen connections and consciously create new realities.

She guides growing aware of core values,  aligning acts of service, self-responsibility and honouring intuition. She works with both normal psychological conditions and in paranormal realms of consciousness. Her work pushes boundaries and stimulates breakthroughs. 


Event Facilitator

Liara draws from Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation, Sound, Martial Arts, Drawing and Painting Sacred Geometry. Liara sees the Absolute as the original intention of Yoga. In her sharing, she delves into the essence of Mind, while guiding those on the spiritual Path to allow obstacles to dissolve.  She shares techniques to relieve stress, tension, pain, anxiety, reframe illness and wellness. She guides trauma release using therapeutic action as a practice of integration.   

Advocate for Truth

Liara has worked in areas of International Law and Diplomacy, and within structures of the establishment. Through this period, it grew clear that big shifts could not happen through the system, but would require a quantum leap of collective consciousness. She realized humans must evolve beyond ego and return to True Being. A former Talk Radio Co-host on Metaphysics and Awareness and other programs for 10 years, she explored universal and cosmic laws worldwide, including the Basic Principle that True success begins with awareness and breaking barriers to Love.

Liara offers individual and group work, monthly programs, and online courses.   Find her on Social Media.