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Luscious Palm Leaves

How can I relate to what you are going through? 

Extensive experience with transitions, and life change through different countries, identities and lifestyles gives me insight.  Admittedly, life experience for me has not always been rosey...  

Shift to Live from a place of worthiness

Direct experience reveals to me that love, grace, accountability, courage, vulnerability, empathy, resilience, integrity, the power of examining life stories changes my reality. Until I shifted from beliefs to awareness,  the root causes of my own perfectionism, imbalance, fear remained hidden.  I learned energy awareness completely transforms how one can experience the world.



1) Create harmonious relationships with self & others

2) See Life more Holistically

2) Tune in & Listen to Intuition 

4) Spiritual mentoring

6) Explore dreams & visions

My Mission

My mission is to support you to expand consciousness, to be the conscious creative force in your life.  I guide mental, physical, emotional an energetic purification processes to align with Highest Self.  Step out of the shackles of conditioning and make serious change light-hearted and fun.


  • Direct experience shows me what it is to shift from beliefs to awareness

  • Feelings now guide my actions. I take advantage of neuroplasticity (our brains’ ability to change neural patterns) to create the feelings of confidence, worth, and independence that I realize we all have access to at will.

  • Life flows more smoothly.  I let go of what insults my soul and I share tools to guide others in their own liberation. (And watch self-criticism, anxiety, guilt, shame, & negativity fall away.) 


Yoga, Breathwork & Mindfulness Qualifications

2023 March

Kriya Hatha Yoga (YTT 500 Hr)

Babaji Institute of Kriya Yoga (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Instructor: Sri Atman Archarya

2023 February

Kriya Hatha Yoga Intensive

2022 August

Kriya/ Vinyasa/ Yin Yoga & Breathwork Intensive

45 Hours

Babaji Institute of Kriya Yoga (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Instructor: Sri Atman Archarya

2022 July
Kriya Hatha Yoga (YTT 200 Hr)

Babaji Institute of Kriya Yoga (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
Instructor: Sri Atman Archarya


2018 June-2019 July

Breathwork Psychotherapy Level II

Instructor: Jaan Sanaam

480 Hours + practical

2017 June-2018 June-

Breathwork Psychotherapy Level I

Instructor: Jaan Sanaam  
480 Hours +practical


2017 May

7 Day Cathartic Breathwork Residential Retreat

Instructor: Jaan Sanaam 
56 Hours



Mindfulness & Meditation Certification Course



Pranic Healing Associate Certification Training

Instructor: Melbourne Disciple of Master Choa Kok Sui
65 Hours + practical training



Reiki Level I & II (Melbourne)


2002 - Ph.D., International Relations & Diplomacy

Centre D'Etudes Diplomatiques et Strategiques (CEDS) Paris, France


1996 - M.A., International Relations 

Paris-Universite Paris -IV (Sorbonne) Paris, France


1994- B.A., English Communications

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Scholarships & Grants

  • Skills Checkpoint Grant toward 300 Hr Kriya Hatha Yoga TTC

  • Oxford University Summer Program Scholarship, Oxford, U.K.

  • SSP 2000 International Space University (ISU), Valparaiso, Chile



  • Professional Member -Australian Breathwork Association (ABA)

  • International Yoga Alliance (pending)

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