Client Testimonials

“Working with Liara has helped me grow aware of and release deeply-buried emotional trauma. This process has guided me to work through relationship issues. I am grateful beyond words."


-Sophie, Sunshine Coast (Qld)

“After breathwork, something profound shifted within me. I felt new confidence to listen to my Higher Self and made life changes that I have been meaning to for 15 years.”

-Alana, Real Estate Agent, Sunshine Coast, (Qld) Australia

"Looking back, I had no idea of the   impact of doing breathwork or the practical benefits of coaching sessions. I now pay attention to my thoughts and feelings and work to redirect my energy."


-Sharon, Business Owner, Sunshine Coast (Qld), Australia

"Mindfulness coaching with Liara has had huge health benefits and prompted me to shift priorities.  I feel more balanced and have let go of attachments I outgrow."

Sarah, Entrepreneur, Washington, D.C. USA

“Breathwork sessions with Liara are guiding me to let go of much grief I did not know I have been carrying for a very long time. My body has held the tension and I am allowing myself to let it go.”

Helen, Public Servant, Sunshine Coast (Qld), Australia

"Ever since I had my child, I have been under enormous stress. I noticed a pattern but could not understand it. Breathwork and related therapy have helped me uncover what is going on at a deeper level so I release trauma, shift and move on. "

-Dylan, (Qld), Australia

“Working with Liara has led me to realize the underlying reasons for my co-dependence. Taking back my power revolutionizes my life."

 -Carrie, Real Estate Agent, (Qld), Australia

"Engaging Liara has led me to get to the root of my workaholism and over-achieving tendencies. I see the big difference awareness makes. Now I am consciously creating a different kind of legacy."

-Steve, Brisbane (Qld), Australia

"Liara's breathwork sessions are unbelievably powerful yet safe, and have made amazing shifts for the better in my life - with incredible intuition Liara guides you gently yet strongly to work through and release "your crap".Simply electric. A session with Liara is worth a year of therapy!"

-Paul, Project Managing Engineer (Sydney) Australia

"Until working with Liara, I was unaware to what degree I was living an inauthentic life. I am still working  to be true to my heart and get over years of repressed anger.


-Sherry, Brisbane (Qld), Australia

“Liara is a messenger of evolutionary, expansive and transformative wisdom and truth.  Her images of sacred geometry have transported me to places where the mind is not engaged allowing me to experience time beyond time.  Words cannot really describe her. One has to feel and experience the journey that she so skillfully and lovingly guides you through.  She is both out of this world and grounded.  I am grateful to her for rocking my world and my beliefs!”


Shelley T., Certified Grief Therapist, Founder and Director of The Center For Grief, Loss and Life Transition, New York, USA

"Working with Liara has guided me to understand the root of my self- destructive behaviour so I could heal. Turning to face my fear and love myself has helped me build strength and resilience.

-Abby, Retail Manager (USA)

"I started gradually and later decided to do an extended coaching program with Liara.  I began with the idea I wanted to stop certain addictions and find the courage to get out of abusive relationships. I had it in my mind that I needed new strategies to change other people.  What I came to realize is that I had to systematically work on myself. I have found my voice and built confidence along the way.

-Gina (Australia)