Client Testimonials

“I discovered Liara on Facebook and drove with a friend to Epidavros three hours from my home to take part in her 2 day workshop.  I cannot express how much her insights shifted my sense of reality and helped me reframe enormous adversity in my life. Taking a leap of faith changed my life for  the better.”

Olga, University Lecturer, Athens, Greece

“Interacting with Liara allows me to see patterns in my life choices.  Making them conscious is causing me to shift priorities, change my eating habits and feel healthier.  Liara's Transform Your Life book  prompts me to be more disciplined to get my business idea off the ground.”

Judy, Retired Nurse, Melbourne, Australia

“I found out about Liara on-line and her book Self-Disclosure really helped me put difficult events into perspective.  It prompted me to keep a journal, and to become more of an observer in my life.  This practice continues to help me better understand my emotions.”

Olivia D., Graduate Student, Sydney, Australia

“I participated in one of Liara's dream workshops and it really opened my eyes to the power of symbols and my own unconscious resistance.  I am now taking greater responsibility in my life.”

B.K., Physiotherapist, Melbourne, Australia

“Liara is a messenger of evolutionary, expansive and transformative wisdom and truth.  Her images of sacred geometry have transported me to places where the mind is not engaged allowing me to experience time beyond time.  There are no words really to describe her as one has to feel and experience the journey that she so skillfully and lovingly guides you through.  She is both out of this world and grounded simultaneously.  I am completely grateful to her for rocking my world and my beliefs!”

Shelley T., Certified Grief Therapist, Founder and Director of The Center For Grief, Loss and Life Transition, New York, U.S.A.