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Director at Ray White New Farm, Bulimba, Spring Hill & East Brisbane - Living Here Cush Partners

Liara presented about breathwork at our group at two major strategic events. 


Our team required lateral support and I felt needed urgent skills to support sleep, strengthen mental health and general relaxation techniques.  

Liara's training is current, clear and she trained at a high level. I happily reckon her.




Certified Therapist, Director

Center For Grief, Loss & Transition

New York, USA

Liara is a messenger of evolutionary, expansive and transformative wisdom and truth.  Words cannot really describe her. One has to feel and experience the journey that she so skillfully and lovingly guides. 


As a coach, she is both out of this world and grounded.  I am grateful to her for rocking my world and my beliefs!


Managing Consultant 
(Sydney) Australia

Liara's breathwork sessions are unbelievably powerful yet safe, and have made amazing shifts for the better in my life - with incredible intuition


Liara guides you gently yet strongly to work through and release "your crap".Simply electric. A session with her is worth a year of therapy!

I recently completed the 30 Shamanic Questions Journey with Liara. Words are hard to find to describe how much I benefited from participating in this experience. With Liara's gentle guidance I was able to uncover aspects of myself that had kept hidden away, and feel more open and expanded as a result.  I am so grateful to Liara for helping me with this process, and highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to know more about themselves.  -Shanie, Perth (Aus)

I discovered Liara during my search for answers while I was grieving for the death of my friend, her positive posts on Facebook lifted me and made me curious so I contacted her for more answers, she provided me with a new perspective on life and death. She opened up a new world for me that I never knew existed. I went on a journey of self-discovery, going deep into my traumas and the emotional pain that I had not death with. I part took in a number of her online courses from my home in Ireland and read numerous books recommended by her. I am not the same person I was before I met her, I cannot really put it in to words how I have changed, but I have, even those closest to me have noticed the change in me. I am so grateful to have come across her and her teachings, it’s a difficult journey with lots of realisations of my participation in my own suffering and trauma. I now understand the way of the universe a little better. I still have loads to learn but I know I am on the right path. Everything finally seems to make sense. I hope you take this journey for yourself and discover all the good things about yourself, but you have to be patient as it takes time.

Liara, thank you for your patience, guidance, support and for never judging me, sometimes it takes a while for me to grasp certain concepts but you never gave up on me.  I look forward to continuing working with you. -Elaine (Ireland)

I was referred to Liara through a yoga studio while I was on the road for work.  She responded promptly. I booked,  she came to me and facilitated an eye-opening breathwork session.  I have a complicated life story and this experience helped me to uhnpack more layers of the onion of my addictions. I found her reflections insightful.  She emailed me a summary based on her observations, intuition and my responses during a NLP--like session. She is thorough. I highly recommend her.  - Gil, (Adelaide)

Working with Liara has guided me to feel into the root of my self- destructive behaviour. Taking steps to face my fear has helped me build resilience.  -Abby, Retail Manager (USA)

I was grateful to find Liara who shows empathy and compassion and offers me the support I needed to continus on my journey.  It was hard for me to talk about the nature of my trauma. As we gently unpacked the scenaio, and I chose to engage in breathwork, I found strength to move through it and came to see the nature of my own courage.  - Martin (Melbourne)

Breathwork sessions with Liara are guiding me to acknowledge and release so much grief. My body has held the tension and I am allowing myself to let it go. -Helen, Public Servant,  Australia

Engaging Liara as a coach and doing breathwork led me to see deeper reasons for my workaholism and over-achieving. Releasing repressed energy and exploring subtle things guided me to change longtime patterns. I am grateful for her support.

-Steve, Brisbane (Qld), Australia

My child's unique needs put me under enormous stress. I noticed a pattern in myself but did not grasp it. Breathwork helps me uncover what is going on at a deeper level. -Dylan, Qld., Australia

Breathwork shifted something profound within me. I feel new confidence, tune into my Higher Self and made life changes I postponed  for 15 years. -Alana, Real Estate Agent, Sunshine Coast, Qld., Australia

The profound release I experienced through my breathwork session prompted me to  do a course with Liara. I am repeatedly surprised by the synchronicities I am allowing my self to see and create.  As I get out of my own way, I focus more on feeling good where I am now and allow opportunities to present.  - Sam, North Qld. Australia

Working with Liara has helped me grow aware of and release emotional trauma. This process has guided me to work through relationship issues. -Sophie, Sunshine Coast (Qld), Australia

Mindfulness coaching with Liara has had huge health benefits and prompted me to shift priorities.  I feel more balanced, find it easier to let go what I outgrow. -Sarah, Washington, D.C. USA

Admittedly, it took me a while to gather the courage to schedule a private breathwork session. I had attended some of Liara's group classes but feared being judged and felt very self-conscious.  During my own session, I felt more relaxed.  I realize I was afraid of being honest with myself and often held back from saying the truth as I saw it, to others. This awareness changed my life. Its great to see lessons I learn are great tools I can use to help others. - Sue, Healthcare Professional, North Qld., Australia

I was a client for Liara's coaching and therapy.  I wanted to give up key addictions and find the courage to leave an abusive relationship. Initially, I believed I needed to change others.  What I came to realize is that I had to work on myself. I have found my voice and built new confidence. - Gina, Melbourne, Australia

Working with Liara has empowered me to uncover the underlying reasons for my co-dependence. Taking back my power revolutionizes my life. -Carrie, Estate Agent, Qld., Australia

Looking back, I had no idea of practical benefits of breathwork and coaching sessions. I now pay closer attention to thoughts and feelings. -Sharon, Business Owner, Sunshine Coast, Qld., Australia

To be honest, I felt ready but wasn't sure what to expect from a breathwork session. What I discovered was remarkable.  The vision that came from within me completely shattered my conditioned reality and enabled me to feel peace the likes of which I had never known.  - Pamela, North Qld., Australia

I have known Liara though her yoga and breathwork classes and feel her genuine presence and enthusiasm.  There is also something I cannot put my finger on but, I notice I am far kinder to myself.   This growing self-worth I cannot put a price on. 
-Jill, North Qld. (Australia)

Heading 1

There were many things happening in my life I did not understand and I had nobody to talk to about them.  Liara helped me gain new insight into huge energetic changes going on within me. It is a step-by-step process.  But I am feeling more grounded and my life is shifting. - Beth, Sunny Coast (Qld).

My breathwork session allowed me to grow aware and release a lot of stuff. The summary is a great reference and makes suggestions that I will definitely explore. - Stacey, Cannonvale (Australia)

I thoroughly enjoyed my breathwork session with Liara. I was very intrigued by it but was actually quite surprised by the depth and the clarity of the session. I was able to pin point and then work on aspects of myself that I wasn't able to understand or even unearth previously. I truly had no idea of just how connected our body and our mind actually are. -Sarah, North Qld (Australia)

Breathwork with Liara was the beginning of opening my consciousness in unexpected ways. She guided me on a journey to listen deeper, to hear the sound of waves of energy in action. I am coming to use waves of my own. I am leaning to focus and direct these waves which are a natural part of me. I am learning to control my own vibrational energy with my conscious mind. - Susan, Europe

Shamanic Counselling with Liara has helped me begin to see the extent of my codependence.  I am in the process of reclaiming my power and this benefits greatly from her own example of letting go and trusting her own process. Its a vibrational exchange unlike any other I have ever experienced. She holds space for me to do my own work.
- Gemini (Sydney)

I met Liara through yoga and then breathwork. I engaged her for a coaching package to guide me to sort through some very painful childhood trauma.  Working with her helped me to feel into and release what I had been avoiding for many years. I am very grateful. -Veronica, Ireland-Australia

II used to feel like a walking museum of old woes, stuck in a body that just wouldn't budge. Enter Liara, the magic whisperer who swooped in, sat down, and helped me shake off those cobwebs. With her mystical mix of breathwork, Shamanic wisdom, and the secret sauce of a good night's sleep, she's the real deal! Liara is a beacon for anyone seeking growth and transformation. Hats off to you, Liara! - Danell (North QLD)

Working with Liara is a pleasure! I always seem to have a smile on my face, even when working through difficult shifts. Her generosity and integrity have allowed me to feel heard, and experience a sense of calm as she guides the sessions. Liara is gifted, both intuitively and as a responsible facilitator in group and private sessions. Take an opportunity to work with Liara, you will be happy you did! - Bianca (Melbourne)

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