“Amazing how breathwork sessions with Liara are guiding me to let go of so much grief I did not know I have been carrying for a very long time.”

Helen, Public Servant, Sunshine Coast (Qld), Australia

“Liara is a messenger of evolutionary, expansive and transformative wisdom and truth.  Her images of sacred geometry have transported me to places where the mind is not engaged allowing me to experience time beyond time.  There are no words really to describe her as one has to feel and experience the journey that she so skillfully and lovingly guides you through.  She is both out of this world and grounded simultaneously.  I am completely grateful to her for rocking my world and my beliefs!”

Shelley T., Certified Grief Therapist, Founder and Director of The Center For Grief, Loss and Life Transition, New York, U.S.A.

“I could not have predicted the positive impact breathwork has had on my life."

 Carrie, Real Estate Agent, Gladstone Region (Qld), Australia

Client Testimonials

“I discovered Liara on Facebook and drove with a friend to Epidavros (3hr from my home) to take part in her 2 day workshop.  This shifted my reality and helped me reframe adversity.”

Olga, University Lecturer, Athens, Greece

“Working with Liara has helped me grow aware of and release deeply-buried emotional trauma. I am grateful beyond words."

 Sophie, Uni Student, Sunshine Coast (Qld), Australia

“Breathwork puts some pretty far-out experiences into perspective. Its more life-transforming than any substance I used to take. Liara is a marvel and does not judge."

 Rick, Sunshine Coast (Qld), Australia

“Looking back, I had no idea of the  profound impact of participating in a breathwork workshop or the immeasurable benefits gained from my private sessions."

 Sharon, Business Owner, Sunshine Coast (Qld), Australia

“Something about conscious breathwork takes me beyond this world and back. Liara senses energies and guides me to recognize more is going on than I realize."

 Dom, Business Owner, Agnes Water (Qld), Australia

“Liara's breathwork sessions are unbelievably powerful yet safe, and have made amazing shifts for the better in my life - with incredible intuition Liara guides you gently yet strongly to work through and release "your crap".Simply electric. A session with Liara is worth a year of therapy!!"

 Paul, Engineering Project Manager, Sydney (NSW), Australia