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​Who Am I?

My name is Liara. As a multidimensional being, I guide transformations.  On one level, I have a separate body, an evolving personality.  On another level, I am the highest expression of what I can embody in this life.  It is full of love, passion, aliveness, laughter, light-heartedness and joy. It starts to understand the identity structure in relation to the true Self. The process of translating this evolving understanding is the human journey. I am both separate and connected to all things. I become a unique version of the divine that lives in me through me and as me and so I participate in the evolution of the source field itself. I AM THAT.


My deep awakening unfolded through breathwork and yoga.  Life experience guided me to focus is on quantum integrative healing. A holistic mentor, intuitive, author, shaman, my soul (intuition) guides me to bridge many lives, many bodies, levels of consciousness. I exist to explore physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and other relationships with the Self on this and other timelines, to guide others to awaken, and expand consciousness at their pace.

I reside in North Queensland, Australia. I provide both in-person and online sessions of my services. My clients come from all over Australia, and overseas. I interact in-person and remotely.

What is my Experience?


After much travel, moving Down Under from Canada turned my life upside down. A series of initiations ("crises") began unravelling layers of my life that no longer made sense to me.

When my mother discovered her stage 4 cancer, I returned to Canada to support her.  During that time, I started a blog, wrote my first of 15 books, found a publisher.  It was also the beginning of 8 years as co-host Metaphysics & Awareness Radio shows with Dr. Steven Hairfield, the American Monk, and hosting my own Dreambuilders Australia Radio Show to interview diverse guests. I also had a stint with Soul to Soul Radio.  At some point, it dawned. Why was I doing all this?  Baffling mysteries presented. Everything pointed to the #5:

Why did I meet 5 friends in 5 countries who share my birthday? 

Why has 5 been magic for me in bingo, raffles, contests?

Why does 5 or multiples show up in addresses, license plates?

Why has the longest I lived anywhere as an adult been 5 years?

Why do I notice unusual happenings keep occurring at 5:55?


Why meet a man abroad who shared my dead sister's name?

Why do lots of friends turn out to be twins yet, I only met one? Why was I long fascinated with burials, embalming, epitaphs?

Why the deja-vus, repeat dreams, second chances for change?

Why be a student au pair for 6-month boy twins & girl? 

Decoding what has been showing up in my life relationships led me to uncover how #5 is guiding me through progressive life transformation:

  • Revealing there were actually 5 kids in my family (not 4)

  • Decoding 5 Soul wounds shed light on my core traumas ​

  • Letting go of 5 basic fears built new courage & resilience

  • Delving into 5 Near Death Experiences (NDEs) altered me

  • Uncovering 5 keys for taking radical responsibility 

On a dark side, many life situations had me on edge, hypervigilant. I had fear of safety, fear of injustice, fear of others suiciding (some family and friends had), and hidden reasons for distrust, co-dependence. It dawned I had unconsciously attempted to re-enact the twin bond in relationships by seeking the lost twin in others. Still, I resisted letting go of situations I struggled to sustain until letting go was really the only choice.​​​  As I focus on what enables me to feel alive, I see blessings in shadows, guide others to learn, unlearn and shift from struggle to surrender.​

Why Yoga & True Wellness?

After 12 years of practice, Liara decided to embark on and complete yoga teacher training in 2022. ​ Over twenty years and visiting 70 countries, she has learned from masters of different areas including yoga philosophy, psychology of leadership, spiritual energy modalities and later, kriya hatha and aerial yoga,

Most recently, she has embraced the shaman's path, inspired by leaders in unconventional arenas.  Liara has discovered that her own path to happiness reveals itself with the unwinding of family, personal and social conditioning. Each moment, she is growing to see everything as a call for love an invitation or love or a message about ove and acceptance.

How can I assist you?


Each person is unique. My approach is to explore individual issues, based on your level of awareness, and if revelant, build on your participation in my classes, programs. I empower you to move into your own breakthroughs.


Through our interaction, I guide you to identify sources of your triggers, patterns.  I use this information to assist you to reprogram your mind, focus on 5 bodies to facilitate making effective choices and shifts.


Human Subtle Anatomy (5 levels) 


Physical Body

  • Life changes and pain management

  • Nutrition, Fitness

  • Relaxation, insomnia & sleeping difficulties

  • Pain management

  • Weight loss​

Vital & Emotional Body​

  • Breath

  • Life Force

  • Yoga

  • Anger, Hurt, Sadness

  • Grief and loss

  • Trauma

Mental Body

  • Anxiety, depression, worry

  • Self-worth & self-confidence

  • Fear & negativity

  • Abuse

  • Eating disorders​

  • Clarity about life decisions​​

  • Goal setting & self-development

  • Decisions & negotiation

  • Gender and sexual identity (LGBTQ+)

  • Obsessions


Supramental Body

  • Trust, Surrender, Intuition

  • Past/ Future lives (streams of consciousness)

  • Soulwork (high disciminative capacities)

  • Spiritual growth & Expansion


Bliss Body

  • Sound, Light, Vibration

  • Pure Awareness​​​

Sound Familliar?

  • You spend more time/energy focusing on other people’s stuff than manifesting your own vision 

  • You feel disconnected from the SOUL of your purpose (and/or business). 

  • You feel drained and restless, as if you know you are meant for more 

  • You hear words like"burn-out" or "crisis" in mind- and you are not quite sure what to do about it

  • You’ve lost touch with your inner wisdom. You want to break through external distractions

  • You fears hold you back, postpone sharing your insights, stories & gifts.

  • You are lost in life traps  

Is Working with me a good fit for you?

  • Desire to solve a mystery in your life? 

  • Moving through struggle toward surrender

  • Ready to develop new discipline?

  • Drawn to explore quantum physics? 

  • Feel there must be more than 3-D? 

  • Dream of telepathy, telekinesis, fliying, cosmic dimensions, more?

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