What I can do for you

 I empower you to take greater responsibility in different areas of your life and to clarify what it is to be in harmony with your Heart and Soul. I guide you to make the unconscious, conscious, so you feel greater balance, acceptance, wellness and vitality.  You are invited to create your own breakthroughs.

Why work with me? 

Through the course of my spiritual journey, I shifted to share gifts to guide others.  I draw from diverse transitions in many countries, disciplines and arenas. My biggest shifts in perception and growth result from letting go what I thought was important and allowing creative expression to guide me.  

What are my credentials

Liara is a Certified Breathwork Practitioner Dream Therapist.  She uses touch therapies, dream and soul work tools as well as mindfulness and meditation techniques.  This spirit work relaxes the body and mind, strengthens relationships and a body's natural healing ability.  


My Mission is:


To assist in guiding people to the truth, about who we really are and how we, as unlimited beings,  are designed to function optimally. 


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