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​Who Am I?

My name is Liara. I guide diverse life transformations. 


I draw from breathwork, yoga and spirit wisdom to support well-being and life transformation.  A holistic mentor, intuitive, author, shaman, my soul (intuition) guides me to bridge many lives, many bodies, levels of consciousness. I exist to explore physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and other relationships with the Self on this and other timelines, to guide others to awaken, and expand consciousness at their pace.

I reside in North Queensland, Australia. I provide both in-person and online sessions of my services. My clients come from all over Australia, and overseas. I interact in-person and remotely.

What is my Experience?


After much travel, moving Down Under from Canada turned my life upside down. A series of initiations ("crises") began unravelling layers of my life that no longer made sense to me.

When my mother discovered her stage 4 cancer, I returned to Canada to support her.  During that time, I started a blog, wrote my first of 15 books, found a publisher.  It was also the beginning of 8 years as co-host Metaphysics & Awareness Radio shows with Dr. Steven Hairfield, the American Monk, and hosting my own Dreambuilders Australia Radio Show to interview diverse guests. I also had a stint with Soul to Soul Radio.  At some point, it dawned. Why was I doing all this?  Baffling mysteries presented. Everything pointed to the #5:

Why did I meet 5 friends in 5 countries who share my birthday? 

Why has 5 been magic for me in bingo, raffles, contests?

Why does 5 or multiples show up in addresses, license plates?

Why has the longest I lived anywhere as an adult been 5 years?

Why do I notice unusual happenings keep occurring at 5:55?

Decoding what has been showing up in my life relationships led me to uncover how #5 is guiding me through stages of life shifts:

  • Revealing there were actually 5 kids in my family (not 4)

  • Decoding 5 Soul wounds 

  • Letting go of 5 Fears 

  • Revisiting 5 Near Death Experiences (NDEs) 

  • Expanding on the 5 Platonic solids

On a dark side, many life situations had me on edge, hypervigilant. I had fear of safety, fear of injustice, fear of others suiciding (some family and friends had), and hidden reasons for distrust, co-dependence. It dawned I had unconsciously attempted to re-enact the twin bond in relationships by seeking the lost twin in others. Still, I resisted letting go of situations I struggled to sustain until letting go was really the only choice.​​​  As I focus on what enables me to feel alive, I see blessings in shadows, guide others to learn, unlearn and shift from struggle to surrender.​

What now?

12 years of yoga practice guided me into teaching in 2022 and ​ ​ the shaman's path continues to be a reliable guide. I  discover that my own path to happiness reveals itself with the unwinding of family, personal and social conditioning. It dawns everything is a call for love, an invitation to love or a message about love.

How can I assist you?


Each person is unique. My approach is to explore individual issues, based on your level of awareness, and if revelant, build on your participation in my classes, programs. I empower you to move into your own breakthroughs.


Through our interaction, I guide you to identify sources of your triggers, patterns.  I use this information to assist you to reprogram your mind, focus on 5 bodies to facilitate making effective choices and shifts.


Human Subtle Anatomy (5 levels) 


Physical Body

  • Life changes and pain management

  • Nutrition, Fitness

  • Relaxation, insomnia & sleeping difficulties

  • Pain management

  • Weight loss​

Vital & Emotional Body​

  • Breath

  • Life Force

  • Yoga

  • Anger, Hurt, Sadness

  • Grief and loss

  • Trauma

Mental Body

  • Anxiety, depression, worry

  • Self-worth & self-confidence

  • Fear & negativity

  • Abuse

  • Eating disorders​

  • Clarity about life decisions​​

  • Goal setting & self-development

  • Decisions & negotiation

  • Gender and sexual identity (LGBTQ+)

  • Obsessions


Supramental Body

  • Trust, Surrender, Intuition

  • Past/ Future lives (streams of consciousness)

  • Soulwork (high disciminative capacities)

  • Spiritual growth & Expansion

  • Vibration


Bliss Body

  • Sound, Light, Vibration

  • Pure Awareness​​​

Sound Familliar?

  • You spend more time/energy focusing on other people’s stuff than manifesting your own vision 

  • You feel disconnected from the SOUL of your purpose (and/or business). 

  • You feel drained and restless, as if you know you are meant for more 

  • You hear words like"burn-out" or "crisis" in mind- and you are not quite sure what to do about it

  • You’ve lost touch with your inner wisdom. You want to break through external distractions

  • You fears hold you back, postpone sharing your insights, stories & gifts.

  • You are lost in life traps  

Is Working with me a good fit for you?

  • Desire to solve a mystery in your life? 

  • Moving through struggle toward surrender

  • Ready to develop new discipline?

  • Drawn to explore quantum physics? 

  • Feel there must be more than 3-D? 

  • Dream of telepathy, telekinesis, fliying, cosmic dimensions, more?

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