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Psychedelic Plant Medicine & Integration Therapy

8 Week Online Course

Step 1: Timing

Why are you drawn to explore a psychedelic medicine experience/ cermeony at this stage of your life (now)? 

  • What is the inner voice?

  • Nature/ Mastery of Time

  • Samsara: cycle of suffering

  • Look at chakras & sound

  • Practical Exercise

  • Homework

Step 2: Intent

An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be, live, be seen it during your meditation, your psychedelic experience and life.

  • How 2 set intentions

  • Why is this useful?

  • Guided meditation

  • Practical Exercise

  • Homework

Step 3: Deepen Perception

Stages of recall help us allow the process to unfold more deeply. Our perception  shifts with consciousness.

  • What are dimensions?

  • How does sound fit in?

  • Life stages meditation

  • Practical Exercise

  • Homework

Step 4: Reframing

This session examines acceptance and avoidance (humility & humiliation). This is where conscious action redirects the process. It requires new awareness.

  • The power of duality

  • Who is in charge here?

  • Guided meditation

  • Practical Exercise

  • Homework

Step 5: Values

Reorienting in areas of your life may be desirable. The key is to get clear on values related to different life stages and where  you are now.

  • What are core values?

  • Why incongruence?

  • How to shake things up?

  • Practical Exercise

  • Homework

Step 6: Reshaping

This is about reviewing and reshaping the messages received. Compare initial impression with insight into energy bodies.

  • How to translate dreams?

  • Integration Methods

  • Sound Healing Meditation

  • Practical Exercise

  • Homework

Step 7: Disintegration

This part of the process is about letting go.  It invites re-evaluation of priorities, life situations and visions of shifts.

  • What is feeling heavy?

  • How to shift from doing to being?

  • Practical Exercise

  • Homework

Step 8: TRansform

This is a creative session.  We will explore facits of art therapy, mandalas and sacred geometry as part of re-integration or the path to recognize  wholeness.

  • What is a mandala?

  • How does geometry fit in?

  • Where are we now?

  • Practical Exercise

  • Homework

Course Synopsis:

  • A focused 8-week online program to explore a single (or series) of your psychedelic journey(s).

  • Attend weekly sessions: one live session and a option for peer group meetup

  • Uncover ties between your life and psychedelic insights

  • Use this understanding to catalyze positive life changes, allowing your life to align with greater harmony

Signs the Course is for you:

  • You’re at a crossroads of restlessness, discontent

  • Delving deeper into 'psychedelica' intrigues you

  • You’re keen to uncover life-altering insights 

  • Nature of your dreams is changing dramatically

  • You may be baffled by glimpsing the unexplained

  • A structured learning approach appeals

  • You crave Personal growth & genuine connection

  • Engaging with a supportive community excites you.

  • The idea of engaging in energy work, directly experiencing  relevance of sound captivates you

What is Psychedelic Plant Medicine Integration?

Common examples of plant medicines include mushrooms, ayahuasca, and 5-MEO-DMT from the Bufo Alvarius toad. All of these substances are made with natural plant or animal ingredients, are not synthesized in a lab, and are taken in their raw, unaltered form.  Our focus is on integrating the wisdom of plant medicine journeys that include a psychedelic experience.

Regardless of life stage, when in the process of huge changes, the moment arises where you know its time to detach from the past, from beliefs, and identities that no longer serve you.  The Plant Medicine Journey is a destructive process. Its about remembering and re-engaging in life from a place of worthiness and universal principles. Its about cultivating the Courage, Compassion, Connection, Vulnerability to feel truly alive.​.

Celebrities including Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Paul Simon, Tori Amos, Graham Hancock, Russell Brand, and Sting, have experimented with Ayahuasca and reported benefitting from it.

What are the potential benefits of Ayahuasca?

Many plant medicines exist. Ayahuasca contains the psychoactive compound DMT, that is known to increase connectivity and communication among areas of the brain.  This altered brain function may promote the potential therapeutic effects of ayahuasca, such as reducing anxiety, depression, promoting addiction recovery, and facilitating trauma healing. Ayahuasca has been shown to act against inflammation and oxidative stress. Ayahuasca also deepens introspection and emotional processing, which can help individuals gain new insights and perspectives on themselves and their experiences.

Experiences with Ayahuasca and other psychedelics can be intense and transformative. This can involve processing painful and intense emotions and recovering lost memories that were previously suppressed. Ayahuasca is not for the faint of heart. It often involves facing realities that many people spend their entire lives avoiding.Ayahuasca-induced changes in many areas of the brain involved in feelings, memories, vision, and consciousness allowed for amplified introspection and problem-solving related to past and current life stressors, and for powerful envisioning and strategizing of solutions for a more hopeful future.

Making sense of your Ayahuasca experience and integrating the insights into your daily life can be life changing and propel you toward greater joy and wellness. Without proper integration, Ayahuasca is at best a momentary escape from the day-to-day life. At worst, Ayahuasca can cause more harm than good by reopening old wounds and creating mental confusion which might worsen preexisting feelings of anxiety depression or stress.

Ayahuasca Integration

Have you had one or more ayhuasca (or other psychedelic plant medicine) experiences and wonder what to do with the insight you obtain? Are you still struggling to feel balanced and fulfiilled in your day-to-day life? Do you wonder if there may be more to it? Perhaps you are contemplating a psychedlic medicine experience and would benefit from support to prepare and integrate the process. We draw from direct experience to offer a range of prorgrams and an integration circle that may resonate. Contact us.

Key Benefits


  • Increase Awareness​

  • Recognize Blind Spots

  • Create Lasting Change 

  • ​Facilitate Emotional Processing 

  • Access  Wise Guidance

Why Integration Therapy ?

Therapy can help with plant medicine integration by providing a space for individuals to process their emotions and experiences in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Perhaps the psychedelic experience was not what you expected. It might have left you feeling sad, isolated or misunderstood. Therapy can help you process these emotions and make sense of the Ayahuasca experience.

Therapy can also help individuals develop new coping strategies and behaviors that are consistent with the insights gained during their psychedelic journey. For example, someone who has struggled with self-love may have a new perspective on what it means to love themselves and may need support in developing new habits to practice self-love. Another example involves people who struggle with patterns of attracting narcissists who may benefit from support in exploring reasons for or patterns of codependency.

Therapy can help with psychedelic integration by addressing any lingering trauma or emotional wounds that may arise during the plant medicine experience. Plant medicine may surface unresolved emotions, experience that requires more processing and healing.

Insights gained during the ayahuasca experience can provide a roadmap for growth and transformation. But it is up to you to continue the personal development and internal work. Therapy can assist you to be accountable and integrate insights into daily life.

If you have used or are considering using Ayahuasca or another psychedelic as part of your healing journey, working with  therapist who has direct experience with integration can assist you to maximize benefits of this powerful healing tool.  Its increasingly common to hear about benefits of plant medicine with psychedelic components for a growing list of illness and disorders. You may have experienced  a journey already and feel more work can be done.  You may wonder how to make sense of things or integrate this. 


Sometimes an integration process is offered to the participant of the plant medicine ceremony. Although a brief sharing circle after a ceremony might yield some benefit, this is at best a starting point for integration. Additional processing is needed to make sense of the experience and align behavior with new insights.

Why work with me?

As an interdisciplinary specialist who draws from extensive breathwork, ayahuasca journeys, and deep trauma work,  I see client lives unfold based on conscious choices, recalibration and remembering. Combining my own extensive personal experiences with relevant trainings, the understanding of psychosomatic science, transpersonal psychology, shamanic rituals, preparation and integration, can be a valuable addition to your support framework.  I offer open-minded, non- judgemental, compassionate and confidential guidance.

If you partake in a ceremony or series, you may get a level of integration, but it is not the same as working with a facilitator.

A key sign of progress in integration is aligning with insights from the Ayahuasca (or other psychedelic plant medicine) ceremonies.

Dream work and integration connection circles are another offering for those who are ready to delve deeper.

As a Consciousness Catalyst I see who you truly are beyond the masks, conditioning, programming, fear and trauma.  Through deep recognition of your inherent majesty, you grow into fullness in self-recognition of your divine and limitless nature. My approach gently guides you toward your unique self-actualisation, which I humbly recognize is your own Path.

How many therapy sessions do I require to fully integrate my psychedelic plant medicine experience?

Integration is very personal. There is no set number of sessions that suits everyone. Depending on how deeply the experience has impacted you, therapy might range from a couple of session to more.  It might take several therapy sessions to fully integrate the insights gained from an ayahuasca experience. You might benefit from regular therapy to help you fully integrate your experiences and make lasting life changes.

Which approach(es) do we take?

Our approach includes spiritual psychotherapy, with the nondual teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and a profound respect for the mind- body spirit complex. I’ve completed professional trainings in Psychotherapy-oriented Holotropic Breathwork, Energy Healing and Sound of Being (TM). I hold a PhD. in Diplomacy (psychology of leadership) and have years of experience in dreamwork, soulwork, archetypesand various forms of working with trauma and attachment.


This draws from five emerging themes: pre-ceremony life experiences, the ceremony & emerging insights, post-ceremony integration, process, practices during and after integration, and exploring the nature of ayahuasca itself, across dimensions of emotional, psychological, somatic, and spiritual processing, and connects it with the roles of mind. Although focused on ayahuasca, this approach is applicable to other psychedelics.  We explore the relevance of 14 themes as part of integration.

Do you provide Ayahuasca or other Psychdelic Medicine?

No. We do not administer, sell or provide Ayahusca, or psychedelic plant medicine. Be mindful, that some of these substances are not legal to consume everywhere. We do provide integration therapy in connection with Ayahusca and other plant medicine.

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