12 Week Course:

Coming Full Circle

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Access Life-Transforming Awareness Tools 
Achieve Joy, Happiness, Peace, Freedom, Success  1

  • Do you feel stuck?

  • Wish to let go of the familliar?

  • Would you like positive change?

  • Aim to reconcile your past?

  • Do you seek new adventure?

  • Ready to expand perception?

  • Crave clarity and purpose?

  • Eager to explore new realities?

Let go of Indifference 

Embrace Radical Love

Let go of Inadequacy

Reclaim Inner Power 

(atmabala-Soul strength)

Let go of Judgement/ Rejection

Embrace Deep Acceptance

Let go of False Beliefs

Find Genuine Connection

Let go of Previous Roles

Listen to your Soul Calling

Surfing at Sunset

Let Go of Guilt/ Shame

Return to Innocence


Let go of Resistance

​Embrace Equanimity

Let go of Limited Thinking

​Shift into Limitless Being


Let go of Old Paradigms

Co-create New Realities

Let go of Scarcity

Explore new kinds of Prosperity

Calm Sea

Program Includes

→ 12 Life Coaching Sessions 

→ Interactive Group work 

→ The "Full Circle" Workbook 

→ Integration Exercises  

+Covert book option 

+ Email support


1: Heighten Awareness 
2: Cultivate Mindfulness
3: Decode Lifetraps 
4: Rediscover Innocence
5 .Tune into Intuition
6. Recognize the Obvious
Explore Incompatibilities  
8. Shift into Higher Mind
9.  Sharpen Focus 

10: Surrender to the Heart
11: Engage in Service
12: Harness Hidden Power 



USD$1,499 or AUD $1,999 



One Upfront Payment

3 Monthly Installments

Others Negotiable


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As a mindful coach & guide teacher, Liara Covert sees everything prepares us for the unforeseen. She has spent 20 years guiding others to expand consciousness and realize the source of True Power.


A former radio host and co-host (8 years) on Metaphysics & Awareness & Soulful topics, her shows have had a global reach. Holding diverse roles and shifting her own stuff lead her to share unique insights from her journey.  Her life reveals fulfillment is about taking steps to uncover your Truth and align with that, at your pace, whatever it takes.  

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