Coming Full Circle 
12 Week Course
Full Program or Modules

Program Includes:

→ 12 Coaching Sessions 

→ The "Full Circle" Workbook 

→ Integration Exercises 

→  Session Summaries

+optional Covert book 

+ Unlimited email support


1: Heighten Awareness 
2: Cultivate Mindfulness
3: Decode Lifetraps 
4: Rediscover Innocence
5: Tune into Intuition
6: Recognize the Obvious
7: Explore Incompatibilities  
8: Shift into Higher Mind
9:  Sharpen Focus 
10: Surrender to the Heart
11: Engage in Service
12: Harness Hidden Power 

Shift from Beliefs to Awareness

  • Develop your emotional skills so you stay conscious, present 

  • Explore practices to effectively change beliefs

  • Elevate your consciousness to discern thoughts of ego-mind 

  • Address the resistances within you and how to move past this

  • Provide tips & techniques so you don’t get overwhelmed, and  gain insight for lasting shifts


USD $1,499 or AUD $1,999
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You just stay on course, do what it is that you do, and grow while you are doing it.   Eventually it will either come full circle,  or at least you will go to bed at night happy.

-Jon Bon Jovi

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