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Radical Responsibility Course

Radically Transform Your Life

Shift from Mid-life Crisis-to Unravelling Soul Misalignment 

What is unresolved in your energy field & how do you heal that?

Grow in Conscious relationship with Yourself


This course offers guidance so you clarify the nature of your crisis, can unravel and let go of what you outgrow, unleash true self, re-invent your life.

This Radical Responsibility Course includes:​​

  • Regular Insights email (to reflect on 21 themes) 

  • Journalling exercises

  • Coaching & email communication (12 weeks total) 

  • Option to extend coaching 


Science confirms 21 days enable us to deconstruct our habits and a further 90 days to ingrain new ways of being and put them into practice. Diligence and patience pay off.  Would you like to accelerate change?


Admittedly, at different life stages, crises arise to shake us up. This may play out as fear or resistance to change, health, emotional, relationship, career and/or other issues.  

What many describe as crisis can feel like death. We cringe at signs and symptoms. Learning to let go of what we spent our life to this point building, feels terrifying.  At a pivotal point, our identity, beliefs, worlds we have created, start to fall apart.  As we hit rock bottom, we can wallow and complain and catapult ourselves out of this.

Turns out, behaviours that enabled us to feel safe growing up ultimately get in the way of realizing our authentic self. It dawns we must let go of all we are not. This allows us to mature, return to innocence, shift from beliefs to energy awareness.

Whatever issues arise in your life at this stage, we are widely taught to supress feelings, hide the hurt, and struggle to take life-changing action.  Carl Jung echoes : 'The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go.'  Come what may, know The Universe has our Back.

Working with me, you get all the benefits of my direct experiences,  plus the added bonus of insights that arise in my ongoing expansion of consciousness. This guides me to intuitively explore creative expression, feel more alive, guide you to trust yourself, be more true to you.


This calls for bravely, being open to new self-discoveries.  Reframe mid-life or pivotal crisis as opportunity to see everything as a teacher of, pointer to love or Soul resonance. 

Reach out. Excavate your deeper untold story. Bring it into the light.

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