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Individual Sessions

Private Yoga Classes & Breathwork (remote & in-person) 

We create a personalized yoga practice designed to suit your abilities, health goals, challenges, interests and time. This may include postures, breathwork, and meditation, as well as the application of yogic principles.​ Liara is certified in Kriya-Hatha, Anti-Gravity (Aerial), Yin & Retstore Yoga. She also has a range of yoga experience.

Psychotherapy (Somatic Therapy)

We offer integrative psychotherapy sessions. We explore sequencing, boundary development, grounding techniques, breathwork, resourcing, somatic experiencing-i.e.trauma relase exercises (TRE), codependency & other matters. Different tools help identify and release felt experiences of trauma to heal the emotional ones.  Contact us about sessions and packages. We also have clients on NDIS and other funding plans.

Ayahuasca Integration

Ayahuasca ceremonies can evoke insights equivalent to years of therapy. The insight of Aya medicine shows you exactly what you need to see with perfect timing.  We offer an 8 week program to guide you to clarify steps to put plant medicine wisdom into practice. This is about integrating your experiences to create profound change. Integration is a continuing process of of your own soul evolution and shifting energy and focus into your destiny. Request details. Arrange a free Discovery Call to explore further.

Dream Consultations

We offer 60 min sessions to connect on a deeper level with your Soul, recurrent themes of behavioural patterns over streams of consciousness. This can assist you to make the unconscious conscious and more effectively manage blocks, health issues in this timeline.  We also offer a course /events to explore astral, lucid dream yoga. Contact us.

Quantum Energy Healing

We support healing through mindful intention.  We guide you to shift energy, use stress reduction techniques, learn self-hypnosis, use visualisation or meditation.  We draw from Reiki, pranic & geometric healing tools & techniques. With practice and focus, you shift your energy. Remote healing is an option. 

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