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Transform Your Life (730 Inspirations) is a highly-regarded book.  It shares witty glimpses into the lives of 365 men and 365 women and how they inspire and guide her own awakening. Benefit from lessons learned. Discover what truly matters. Notice how your own mentors are guiding you to recognize untapped abilities and dormant qualities as stepping stones to realize your own potential and reframe success.Gain insight not only into how the author relates her life to 730 themes, but also take steps to explore points of self-reflection, and expand your own awareness through journal exercises. Write as part of this choose-your-own adventure. Notice it is your response to life’s situations and events that reveal who you are.Use as a daybook for an entire year or, open to pages of your choice, at any moment, according to theme or indescribable impulse. Your path is your own and yet, it is also connected to everyone, everywhere.Notice inspirations stem from varied cultures & walks of life.


Read 735 quotes that offer glimpses of universal lessons.Ponder how you view the external world and self-awareness.Reflect on ideas of succcess, healing & remembering.Know this book is inspiring you to be true to you.

Transform Your Life paperback

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