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Spiritual Psychotherapy

People connnect with us for many different reasons. They may: have family, relationship or attachment issues, emotional upheavals, trauma, be suffering from stress, depression or anxiety, be confused or unmotivated, know mid-life crisis or a big life unravelling.

We offer Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychotherapy, which is a mind-body-spirit approach to healing. We will support you in looking at the spiritual, metaphysical and existential meaning behind your experiences, and provide spiritually-informed insights and tools for growth and personal development. Where useful, we use soma techniques (breathwork, mindfulness, meditation, body motion). Our approach brings together: the inner world, imagination, archetypal dreaming. In essence, we create a safe space to explore aspects of mind and cradle a transformative process.  We recognize interconnectedness of life areas and overall state of wellness.


Based on a variety of factors, we take a multi-dimensional view and draw from tools that are best suited to your unique situation.

Our direct experience also allows us to offer additional tools of trauma-informed Yoga, Shamanic processes,  Sound Healing, Psychedelic plant medicine integration and group work such as Brainspotting​.

Ask about session packages. We also have clients on NDIS and other funding plans.

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