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Psychotherapy/ Soma

Psychotherapy / Soma


We offer integrative psychotherapy sessions. This healing approach supports you in exploring health matters & life situations, spiritual, metaphysical and existential meaning behind your experiences.  Spiritual therapy is a form of therapy that is based on the belief that the mind and body are connected. It can help to address problems such as anxiety, stress, and depression in relation to other illness. This type of therapy is non-invasive. It uses varied tools to help identify and release felt experiences of trauma to heal the emotional ones.  We support healing through mindfulness, guide you to shift energy, use stress reduction techniques, learn self-hypnosis, use visualisation or meditation. Ask about session packages. We also have clients on NDIS and other funding plans.

  • Individuals:  explore dreams, vision work, shamanic processes, sequencing, boundary issues, grounding, breathwork,  soma, trauma release exercises (TRE), movement & energy rebalancing. 90min sessions. Pricing plans.Pkgs.  (remote/ in-person)

  • Group Brainspotting (focused eye gazing): for up to ten people offering 2hr of targeted Brainspotting therapy, treating personal issues and alleviating distress. Where you look affects how you feel. $90pp / (minimum. three people). **Creates safe space-Privacy is assured for each person during session (remote/ in-person).

  • Couples Therapy: contact us to arange individual, relatiomnship and couples sessions (also discuss breathwork and retreats)

Ayahuasca Preparation & Integration

Ayahuasca ceremonies can evoke insights equivalent to years of therapy. The insight of Aya (plant) medicine shows you exactly what you need to see with perfect timing.  We offer programs that include psychotherapy to guide you to clarify steps to put plant medicine wisdom into practice. This is about integrating your experiences to create profound change. Integration is a continuing process of of your own soul evolution and shifting energy and focus into your destiny. Request details. 

  • Make sense of (decode) your experience

  • Embody insights into your everyday life

  • Learn what it is to Integrate the body-mind-spirit complex


Arrange a free Discovery Call to explore further.

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