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Why Success is not what you think

What relationship can there be between what success is and what success appears to be?

Notice success appears to be different things to different people. Survey a handful of people from different cultures and backgrounds, and the answers very widely. Ever brainstorm the top five things you link to success? Are you living them already or working toward them somehow?

Let's begin with external or outer visions of success. In the material world, the Western world is constantly raising the bar for survival. Its vision of success is increasingly harder to reach because people are conditioned to want more, be more and expect more. This can feel discouraging, even overwhelming. The quest to achieve can take a huge toll on self-esteem, emotions and sense of lack. Rate your level of satisfaction in personal, professional, community and other areas of your life. Which versions of success or failure stand out?

It is also useful to reflect on an inner vision of success. Come what may,a relationship exists between the ocean and waves. The real enables the unreal to appear and disappear. Once you have found it in yourself, you discover innate success is something immeasurable that cannot be lost. It is independent of all divisions and separations. Do not seek it anywhere for nothing contains it. It contains everything and manifests everything. You do not see things as they are but through filters until you grow aware of filters and what exists beyond them. This is a pointer to what constitutes leadership consciousness and how to nurture it. This is the focus of one of Dreambuilders Australia's coaching programs.

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