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3 Key Things Yoga Teaches

Many different kinds of yoga exist. We are drawn to a particular tradition for reasons that arise as vibes. As we grow to tune into ourselves, we realize every thought, feeling and choice offers us a message. We are invited to look deeper,. Consider 3 Key Things Yoga Teaches:

1. Listen to the wisdom of your body

Yoga is partly physical asanas (poses) that draw attention to the body we use every day. Kriya yoga also includes (mudras, meditation, mantras, and breathwork. Yoga has taught me to slow down and develop more self-awareness, to recognize sensations, to do the best I can with what I have, and to gently move through self-created limitations. Yoga builds self-care and appreciation that carries over into all life areas. I manage with more kindness toward myself and others.

2. Connection with yourself is paramount

For me youga is about deepening connections: to your inner self; with the people in the class; and with the people who come into the studio or gym, with all others you encounter who are on a yoga journey. As you grow conscious of such deepening connections, you feel more centred, grounded and calm. This feeling-based awareness shapes the nature of your Path, opportunities that present and how you see life.

3. Sharing helps us all grow together

Continuing to share what I learn through yoga alllows students to experience many benefits of yoga themselves, not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Teaching allows me to develop my insight into asanas and yoga philosophy, through my own study and learning from students and fellow teachers. Everyone has a different body, a different background in yoga, karma, exercise, injuries, illnesses as well as their own mental and emotional and energetic states. Vibrational sharing is more valuable than I initially realized. Simply being in the presence of others enables us to tune into and exxperience more than physical senses reveal.


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