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5 Ways to get greater clarity

Notice as the light shines through the fields, you know this is a sign you are ready to get greater clarity on your life. Start by noticing if you are in your head or feeling with the heart. Purpose is something that is often changing, based on life focus, change, priorities. If you could clarify what matters most right now by responding to a few questions, would you?So,1) who are you? 2) what do you love to do ( you feel supremely qualified to teach or share with other people)3) when and where do you do it ?4) why do people come to you (for these specific wants or needs)? 5) How do you guide people to change or transform (the result of what you give them)?Only two of these five things are about yourself. Happier people make it a point to make other people happy and act to enable them to feel safe and secure.Happy people know what goes around comes around. Happy people are not self-centered by service-oriented.

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