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Unlimited time is accessible

Notice creating an atmosphere of love and joy moment-to-moment is the key to generating more energy and seemingly more time. The mind might say only 24 hours exist in a day, but what do you do with it and what could you actually do?

Each individual decides on priorities. Every moment, you have the power to shift focus from thought, to talk and action. Listen to yourself. How often do you tell yourself you have 'no time' ? What prompts you to spontaneously create time, or shift focus automatically without telling yourself you cannot?

Functioning unconsciously is about trying to be like someone else. With all the work you do, why do you do it? Who is this for? You create things, situations and relationships because you think they are the source of your joy. If what you evoke something other than joy and well-being, its time to review and revisit priorities. Feeling stressed or overwhelmed with the schedule you create? Then it is the right moment to begin scaling down commitments. What if you discover the opportunity to enhance your capacities, would you commit?

If you invest 30 minutes or more a day into spiritual practices, such as yoga and meditation, you gain immensely in time, recharge and refocus in completely new ways. If you gain 3-4 hours per day in terms of wakefulness, you sense of time constraints begins to dissolve and you do more in less time. Your level of performance optimizes. What you used to do in 8 hours, you find you can do it in 3-4 hours or less. You take in energy and use it differently. As the mind and body-systems become more organized, you cease to use extraneous words, to engage in unnecessary tasks. You naturally become more focused and efficient. You no longer think 'there is no time.' The mind is no longer preoccupied. You have unlimited time until the mind tells you (and has you believe) otherwise.

Everything you do is for unconscious motives until you make these conscious.

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