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Transmuting Trauma

If traumatic events are fully processed, meaning that the physical and emotional byproducts are removed from the experiences, then they are stored in the body as cellular memories. These cellular memories inform the functioning of various organs, systems, and biomechanical structures within the physiology, which elicit either health and well-being or unease and disease. Unexpressed emotional energies may also be stored inthe muscle fascia. Build-up requires release. Certain breathwork practices use a two-part pranayama (breathing practice) to bring the nervous system into an altered state of consciousness. From here, frozen or stuck energies can surface or be activated, felt and released.

Clues To illustrate:

  • Pelvic pain may point to the need for sexual healing.

  • Gut pain or issues may hint at undigested emotions.

  • Chest pain could correspond to unhealed heartache.

  • Low back pain might indicate unmitigated insecurities.

  • Thyroid issues might indicate a lack of safe self-expression.


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