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Allow expansion to happen

Allowing expansion to happen implies a readiness to recognize blocks, feel everything and see deeper messages.

It helps to connect with an awakened teacher. As meditation and other spiritual practices become an integral part of your life, something is beckoning. An awakened teacher enters your life, offers transmissions of peace, and guides you to sit deeply in the silence of true nature.

An awakened teacher can be of any spiritual persuasion or none, can understand kundalini or be uninterested in it. Whomever the teacher turns out to be accepts and shows compassion for all. To integrate from them the art of sitting and just being, enables you to recognize the cure for all the suffering of life. At the perfect moment, all mental activity fades and complaints of the body fall away. A deep understanding and love arises. This opens to a sense of completion, openness, freshness and invitation to the expression of the greater Self.

When awakening is complete, it hits this has been the deeper purpose of your whole existence. How and when revelations arise in you, there is no way to know. NO-body exists to care either. This is about allowing a total shake up of every area of your reality as part of a re-calibration. How you function is changing. Surrender to the dance and re-dream.

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