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The doors are already open

Its common to hear people talking about the wish to open doors of opportunity, and doors of the heart to access real intimacy. You hear people express the wish to access deeper insights supposedly available within themselves about great mysteries. Have you ever allowed yourself to feel the doors to everything are already open? How does it feel to hear this?

Your world is like an endless ocean. You experience precisely what you give yourself the freedom to experience, nothing more and nothing less. It is common to take precautions to guard or protect parts of yourself. This is only ever done out of fear and belief in fear is why doorways are even imagined.

Doors are like mental and other filters that veil more of who you are. Doors are like steps you tell yourself you must go through to earn the next promotion, relationship or life lesson. The intention of the highest version of you is not that these filters are always to be in place. Rather, it is desirable to develop thyself on many levels so that you can bring more through channels you always hold access. This is the perfect moment to take your life to a whole new level.

After February 20, 2018, my new book, Master Time is to be made available. Discover more about the gifts you give yourself and why only perfect timing exists. This coming book is a source of insights that empowers you to shed new light on who you are, where you have been, how you got there and where you never leave. Reframe perception. Maturing is about getting intimate with time and exploring exists beyond it.

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